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About Egalitarian Tech Connectivity

Egalitarian Tech Connectivity is the best digital marketing company in Bangalore that implements strategies to drive results that will add digits to your business with just a portion of your marketing budget! Leverage a combination of digital elements such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email and other mediums to connect with current and prospective customers.

Egalitarian Tech Connectivity is one of the Best Digital Marketing Company In Bangalore specializing in AdWords, social media, content and affiliate marketing to help you in empowering your business through modern digital marketing approach to maximize results. With the team of top Digital marketing professionals we help you to build, manage and promote your brand globally helping you to reach your targeted customers. We don’t just stop at providing Digital marketing solutions but we walk the extra mile for our clients and ensure that their company sees a steady growth in lead generation and see a consistent growth in sales with increased revenue.

As one of Bangalore’s innovative digital marketing services in Bangalore, We offer a wide range of digital marketing services.

Story Behind Start-Up

I am an alpha male, a determined entrepreneur with outstanding motivating and leadership skills. I graduated as a Software Engineer in 2012 from CJITS Jangaon. Even as a student, I was the only one in my college trying to start off by handing out pamphlets to my peers. As a child, I dreamed of building an empire and when I began to grow, the fire within me continued to ignite. I realized that being a worker and playing safely was an option for a mediocre, but I was always better. I still tried my luck and worked as a Sap technician for months before seizing the first chance I had to live my dream. My start-up is called Egalitarian Tech Connectivity and we are in the development of mobile applications, e-commerce websites, digital marketing and so on. I was always attracted by the creation of complex Mobil apps that no ordinary brain could imagine.

I still remember how difficult it was to get the business to where we are today. Surprisingly, I made one of my first customers through their door to door marketing executives, who tried to sell me some of their products. The taste of success when you put in your sweat is better than anything you may ever feel in life. It is the feeling of levitating and looking at the world from far above in an ascending state.

I may not be many things, but I am determined, individual worker that stops at nothing but success. I was blessed to have extraordinary people who kept me motivated through my hard times. If I could summarize my life in two words, it would be “common sense”, which is not really common in most people.

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Our Services help your make your businesses flourish at scalable heights maximizing output and profits.

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Depending on the project's requirements, they can include solutions like web application development, cybersecurity, testing, maintenance, consultancy.

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Depending on the project's requirements, they can include solutions like web application development, cybersecurity, testing, maintenance, consultancy.

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Think your small business can’t afford services from a top digital marketing agency like ours? Think again! We have specific, affordable online marketing services for small businesses.We provide individualized, expert digital marketing services that drive ROI. Our rich and diverse background across different digital marketing channels help you to get maximum ROI out of your marketing spend.


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