Drip email marketing are a series of pre-written auto generated emails that are sent right from the attention stage of the lead funnel until the lead is transformed, and it is great way to send your team’s latest announcements, however there is a significant problem: ie, new subscribers only see new email, and never get the first emails you’d sent out of your list. All they’ll see once after they sign up.

Often known as drip marketing but known by several different names such as -drip selling, lifecycle emails, auto responders, promoting automation,machines controlled email campaign etc, the idea is that the same: they’re a group of selling emails that may be sent out automatically on a schedule. Setting up drip email campaign may appear intimidating, once they’re effective, and the way you’ll be able to use them to cultivate a client from a disengaged user.

Drip emails enable you to remain in touch with group of individuals based on events like when a user signs up for an account or how regularly that user visits you website. Each time a drip email is sent out, it comes from a queue of already written emails there’s no need to manually write and send each mails. They will even be personalised together with your contact name, company info and more.

Let me give you my own example:

I love reading books; I make sure to buy one from Amazon at least twice a month. And they keep sending me book recommendations or offers or the books which are left in my wishlist etc without fail just to remind me about the book.

Drip mails are personalized communication sent out for the supported users, Action (buying a book, finishing a purchase, signing up for a product free trail, subscribing to website etc) or inaction (not finishing the purchase, not clicking an email, not using the app for a month etc). The best ones can be time-bound as well. These user action/inactions are known as triggers.

Here are some necessary features of a drip email promoting:

2.It is automated and sent on schedule (Pre-written)
4.Based on user behavior

How you can create it?

The key to create the best drip emails is to customize it according to your industry and business wants. This way you’ll be able to optimize it based on your targeted audience wants and behaviour.

1. Figure out your goal: First things first, if you don’t understand what you want to accomplish, how can you hopefully accomplish it? You come to a decision whether you want to warm up the email leads, get them to buy your product or something else that serves your overall goals. Be specific when talking regarding the end goal so in order that you are ready to measure it.

2. Segment your targeted group of customers: Drip email campaigns are about delivering the right message to the right audience. For this, the first step is to determine who you are targeting with your drip campaign.
Your target group can be:
• Blog subscribers
• App downloaders
• Lead magnet downloaders
• First purchase customers
• Trail users etc

3. Create your content: Just having an email drip campaign won’t do a lot. The content of these emails needs to be specific. If you send awful emails, the result will be awful as well. If the emails don’t add any value, the impact may actually be the opposite- people will consider it spam and become aggressive towards you. Also don’t create the emails too long or people won’t browse them. Remember that most of the user’s aren’t “reading” your newsletters the maximum amount as they’re scanning through the information. Therefore make your info scan-able.

4. What is that your leads need in order to make a decision: When you begin working on creating content for the drip campaign, ask yourself this: what do my prospects need to know in order to take a step I want? So for instant, if your goal is to gain them to use your online website, You might need to create emails that specify its best functionality and show case of how other customers used it with good success, if your goal is to sell them something, you should aim to extent people’s trust in you – build up believability. You’ll be able to do that by teaching them something helpful, addressing their hesitation and providing proof of how your stuff helps them to reach their goals.

5. Create your workflow and timing:

The great factor of work flow is that it offers you a pleasant visual illustration of how your campaign is set out. Much of building drip campaigns has got to do with if/then logic, which may get confusing quickly once you’re merely writing it out or hoping on memory. Based on that link somebody clicks–or if they don’t click a link in the slightest degree–you'll separate your campaign into what you send them next.

If they clicked on the link concerning evaluation, as an example, you would possibly a lot of highly to |favor to| opt to} send them more emails centered on the exceptional price of your product. On the opposite hand, if they don’t click on any links, you would possibly send a re-engagement email that tries once more to provoke their interest in what you provide. Of course, this could find yourself being extremely advanced, however you don’t have to be compelled to go overboard if you’re simply obtaining started. If you’ve began segmenting your offers, that’s a good basis for building out your workflows.

Once you recognize what you want to achieve and you have created the emails you want to send out, it’s time to set the frequency and timing of the emails. Generally you must begin with higher frequency and slow down as time goes on (start with everyday, then every few days, then once every week, then once a month so on). As for the email sending time - check your news report statistics and see if any specific times of day created a lot of open rates.

6. Measure, track, get feedback & iterate: It’s time to press GO, and your campaign is up. But it doesn’t finish there. If you’re serious about obtaining results from your campaign, it’s very important that you just still see your email campaign as a work in progress. This doesn’t mean that you need to stare over your analytics every day.
For example, you’re not obtaining the open rates that you wish, consider improving your subject line.
If your click-through rate (CTR) isn’t good, then it might be to rework some of the body copy of your emails. I would suggest setting yourself a monthly reminder to review your analytics and check out to ascertain some helpful insights.

When you must use Drip emails

Drip email marketing covers multiple promoting ways to attain specific results via personalised triggered emails.

Coming up are use cases wherever drip campaigns are available. Cases within which you can automate the whole email series for changing leads into paying customers, educating your prospects, sharing information and updates together with your customers, etc.

Here are 8 cases wherever drip email campaigns are available
1. Welcome customers with an automatic drip emails
2. Upgrade from Free trail to paid account
3. Drip campaigns for bloggers
4. Bring back your revenue with card abandonment drip email sequence
5. Promote special offer with email drip campaign
6. Build publicity with email drip campaign
7. Communicate coming events with drip email campaigns
8. Send tailored messages to your potential client (real estate example)

Ready, set….campaign!
Yes, drip sequences will be extremely effective tools for lead generation; however it needs to be done well, paying correct attention to your audience, your goals, your techniques and your numbers.
Hopefully the above steps have given you excellent framework for getting started and we would like to wish you best of luck!
There are a lot of drip email campaign examples you’ll be able to set up for your business depending on what you would like to achieve with your campaigns.
Some marketers refer to leads as babies “Some leads are like babies, most of the time they are unsure what they want”.


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