How To Write An Effective Emails That Drive Results

Captain/ March 26, 2019

How to Write an Effective Emails That Drive Results Are you aware of how well your emails are performing? There are some necessary metrics that you just ought to be measure on an everyday basis if you would like to take care of email health list and improve the ROI of your campaigns. During this guide, we’ll show you ways to live the effectiveness of your email campaigns. Focusing on the correct metrics can assist you to investigate and improve any of your promoting campaigns. However, email is arguably one among the foremost necessary source to communicate

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OFF -Page SEO Techniques That Works

Captain/ March 20, 2019

Top 12 OFF -Page SEO Techniques That Works For Your Website Search engines are making an attempt from many years to seek out the way to come up with the simplest and accurate results to the searcher. To achieve this, they take into consideration of some quality factors to determine whether your website is valuable to the users or not for making their website rank high in Google. Usually, all bloggers would begin with On Page SEO. However the sensible bloggers and content marketers won’t stop there they will go beyond that to

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How Effective is E-Mail Marketing

Captain/ March 16, 2019

How Effective is Email Marketing Email marketing continues to be one of the simplest and most effective methods of marketing your business online. It is estimated that the count of worldwide email users is ready to grow from 3.7 billion users in 2017 to 4.3 billion users in 2022. The most attention-grabbing matrix is that half of the world’s population checks their personal email every day. Users of Email Ready to Grow Undoubtedly, these above statistics provide proof that email is a very powerful channel in

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Why You Must Use Digital Marketing In 2019?

Captain/ March 15, 2019

Why You Must Use Digital Marketing In 2019? Almost every business be it small or big is seeking for online presence to attract the customer attention in the competitive market. It is 2019, and if you do not have a strong digital marketing strategy yet, you might be losing your potential customers because it’s no surprise that the marketplace has become more digital as technology continues to emerge. And the group of potential customers that are found online is a much larger set of people than you

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Why Facebook Marketing Is Important In Promoting Your Business

Captain/ March 8, 2019

Why Facebook Marketing Is Important In Promoting Your Business As a business owner, you must be constantly looking for new ways to get your products and services on the radar of potential customers. If you are not already, using social media for your business promotions then you’re missing out a huge opportunity to engage with your current customers as well as attract new ones. Social Media Marketing is becoming more important day by day for any brand as it helps in connecting with your consumer in real

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Search Engine Marketing Tips

Captain/ January 8, 2019

Search Engine Marketing Tips Before knowing How To Do Search Engine Marketing and and some of the effective Search Engine Marketing Tips we will see what is SEM. Search engine marketing(SEM) is an umbrella term for search engine optimization and paid marketing which is used to attract more traffic to your website. SEM provides an effective marketing feature by advertising your products to your potential customers at the very time they are searching for your related product and Services with a real intention to buy. Search Engine

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What is Google AdWords and How Does It Works?

Captain/ August 21, 2018

WHAT IS GOOGLE ADWORDS AND HOW DOES IT WORKS? Every business owner whether its small one or big what their customers know about them. But in this growing competitive world it became very tough. But you can reach more people on online by using Google Adwords. Google AdWords, a very familiar name to digital marketers and business owners but still some may find it difficult to understand it. for a better understanding of what is Google AdWords and how does it work? lets see the four W’s

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Captain/ July 11, 2018

TYPES OF PPC  Types of PPC -Advertising is very important for many businesses. Without ads or promos on billboards, television, newspapers, or on the Internet attracting customers would be difficult. Internet Marketing or online marketing is the present trend because most of the people are spending most of their time on internet and if you advertise about your product in online you can get more exposure to your product. Pay Per Click Is one such internet marketing technique which can be helpful for boosting your business.

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What Is Digital Marketing? How It Helps You To Grow Your Business

Captain/ June 4, 2018

   WHAT IS DIGITAL MARKETING? HOW IT HELPS YOU TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS Before knowing WHAT IS DIGITAL MARKETING? HOW IT HELPS YOU TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS let just see an example to have a clear vision of marketing. Assume we are in late 90’s and you’re a talented marketer. I gave you a pair of sports shoes to market them. So what will you do? Most probably you will advertise in local newspapers, give advertisement in television or place ads on billboards.  These techniques will help

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Captain/ May 18, 2018

7 TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Social Media Marketing is marketing (advertising) of products or services in Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube etc. There are now more than 4 billion people around the world using the internet in which 3 billion people are using one or other social media platforms. so it is ideal for anyone to market their products in such place where billions of people are active. Social media is all about engaging the customers, making marketing strategies in such a

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